About Us

Universal Research Publications is a privately held company specializing in the publication of Open Access peer-reviewed journals across the broad spectrum of science, technology and medicine.
If you need rapid and professional publishing, we can help.

Benefits of publishing with Universal Research Publications
  • Fast submission and review process
  • Guaranteed quality and interdisciplinary peer review process
  • Editorial decision made by expert academic editors
  • Research reaches the different scientific communities interested in your research in a timely manner
  • Authors retain the copyright on their work
  • No payment for reprints: simply mail colleagues the web page address of the paper
  • Founded by scientists for the benefit of science rather than profit
  • To get abstracted, indexed in databases of repute
Our Journals

We have 53+ open access, peer-reviewed online journals. Our web-based manuscript management system makes the process of submission and tracking your paper as simple as visiting our website to check on progress. In addition we will let you know how the process is going via email. After publication we will even let you know how many readers your paper receives.

  • All our journals are open access, which means that your paper is available to anyone in the world to download for free directly from our website.
  • A lot of our journals receive a large number of papers, but unlike many traditional journals, your paper will not be rejected due to lack of space. Our journals are all published online only and there are no limits on the number or size of the papers we can publish.
  • The time from submission to a decision being made on a paper can, in many journals, take some months and this is very frustrating for authors. Generally peer review is complete within 3 weeks and the editor’s decision within 3 days of this. It is therefore very rare to have to wait more than 4 weeks for a final decision.
  • The advantages of being an open access, online only publisher are numerous, but in essence allow us a greater flexibility and responsiveness to authors and readers that older journals cannot match. We often receive feedback from authors amazed at how prompt, professional yet friendly all their communication was with us, throughout the publishing process.