International Journal of Research in Natural and Applied Science

International Journal of Research in Natural and Applied Science publishes originally innovative research papers of great significance in various fields of natural and applied science. In addition to original research articles, short communications/notes, concise and current review articles are also welcome.
The journal accepts manuscripts in the following disciplines:
Physics: mechanics, acoustics, astronomy, astrophysics and space science, condensed matter physics, surfaces and interfaces, nonlinear, statistical and applied physics, optics with atomic, molecular and plasma physics, nuclear and high energy physics.
Chemistry: analytical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, physical and theoretical chemistry, catalysis, chemical engineering and industrial chemistry, fluid flow/transfer processes, membranes and separation technology, spectroscopy.
Life Science: biochemistry/biophysics, molecular biology, cellular biology and genetics, agricultural science, animal and aquatic science, entomology, plant science, basic immunology, general microbiology, neuroscience/cognitive neuroscience, physiology, toxicology/environmental science, molecular pharmacology, bioinformatics.
Earth Science: geology and economic geology, atmospheric science, marine science, environmental geology, geochemistry/geophysics, geography, ecology and conservation, global change, palaeontology.
Material Science: materials chemistry and engineering, electronic, optical and magnetic materials, biomaterials, ceramics, metals and alloys, polymer science and technology.
Information Science: artificial intelligence, computer vision and pattern recognition, coding and information theory, computer graphics/simulation and modelling, analysis of algorithms and problem complexity, quantum computing.