International Journal of Porous Materials

International Journal of Porous Materials publishes originally innovative research papers of on synthesis, processing, characterization and evaluation of all porous materials. The journal addresses the dramatic pace of progress in the design and synthesis, characterization and property evaluation of porous materials for catalysis, separations and sensors.

  • Porous materials (synthesis, processing, characterization and property evaluation)
  • Nanoporosity
  • Porous ceramics
  • Porous metals
  • Porous polymers
  • Microporous and mesoporous materials

In addition to original, full-length refereed contributions presenting new research and developments in the field, the journal also publishes short communications/ notes and review papers authored by leading authorities. All contributions shall be rigorously refereed and selecting on the basis of quality and originality of the work as well as the breadth of interest to readers.